martes, 25 de febrero de 2014

Facts About Hollywood (part 4)

·Hollywood Movies·
  • The 'Dark Knight', relased in 2008, is the first Batman movie that doesn't contain the word Batman in the title.
  • In 'The Shawshank Redemption', the role of Tommy Williams, played by Gil Bellows, was originally offered to Brad Pitt.
  • In the movie 'The Birds', directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Tippi Hedren actually got hit by one of the birds while shooting.
  • In the 1997 blockbuster movie 'Titanic', Kate Winslet's sketch that Leonardo DiCaprio appears to be drawing, was actually drawn by James Cameron.
  • In many of Bruce Lee's movies, the shot had to be slowed down because Bruce Lee's movements during action sequences were so fast, that the camera was unable to capture them.
  • In the Colosseum scenes in 'Gladiator', the spectators in the bottom two levels are actually filled with people, and everyone else is computer-animated.

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